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The Why

If the thought of going to work on a Monday morning brings on a bout of Sunday night blues, then you’re already halfway there to knowing why we set up Circle. Though Monday mornings are fairly unlikely to become ‘the new Friday night’ any time soon, at Circle, we want to help create a working world that comes as close as possible. We soon came up with our first vision and purpose; Improving people’s working lives.

But something was missing, something didn’t sit right, and we felt we could go further. We believe that with a business like this, we have the opportunity to make a genuine difference to the wider community, and have a real social impact. We want to support those who don’t have the same opportunities as most. This felt better. This felt like we could really connect and give back, helping to make our world a better place to work and live, so our new vision and purpose became quite audacious, but that’s why we like it…

The What…

We want to create great places to work where employees feel supported, challenged (in a good way), and are empowered to reach their full potential. We may start with recruitment, but that’s not where we end. At Circle, we’ve created an organisation that supports businesses through the full employee lifecycle.

When you’ve got exceptional people loving what they do, exceptional performance will follow, and we’ll make sure that the only reason you’ll need us for recruitment again is because your organisation is thriving.

You might even make it onto some kind of Amazing Places to Work list. Start clearing space for that plaque…

The How…


We are specialists in finding managers, leaders and executives. Use our 10 years and vast knowledge of recruitment and talent management to develop and grow your people structure.

People and Culture

We work with business to create amazing places to work where people feel empowered, valued, connected and fulfilled by delivering workshops, programmes and coaching. Happy people powering successful businesses.

Social Impact

We support local charities and help businesses to achieve their corporate social responsibilities whilst gaining valuable leadership and team development along the way.

Our Values

Always Curious

Learning and bettering ourselves, growing personally and professionally, always finding a better way.

Always Forward

Positive, solutions not problems, continually striving for excellence and ‘great’ not just ‘good’.

Always Together

Collaborative, open, caring.

Our Specialist Team

Elle Chappell Assoc CIPD

Director of Recruitment & Talent

Ben Chappell

Director of People & Culture

Lou Webb

Associate Leadership, Team and Culture Specialist